We were so lucky to have found High Achievers Preschool. Both of our boys graduated from High Achievers and both have been more than ready for kindergarten. The teachers at High Achievers have taught our boys so much from recognizing letters and colors to reading, counting, and learning Spanish. High Achievers also offers the structure needed to help prepare kids for kindergarten. The transition for both of our boys from preschool to kindergarten has been seamless due to how High Achievers prepared them. The bonds made between students and teachers are priceless and we will truly miss the all the staff there.
Brittany Mackey
We found High Achievers through a friend of ours and decided to send our children there. They have really grown and learned a lot over half a year. High Achievers has prepared them for kindergarten academically and socially. It is a great place for children to have fun and learn at the same time. They have an outstanding staff of teachers who care about the development of each child. I recommend High Achievers to anyone with youngsters!!
Mike P.
My kid has been attending the preschool for the last two years. I would have him a few months a year, and he would drag me back to the same place because he feels so comfortable. My kid found a second home, which concentrates on education and production. But also he is making lots of friends, who welcome him after a long separation and incorporate him into their circles, even though he wouldn't pronounce his words as the others, because of the influence of the second language, Arabic. This is a great place to be part of and I am so relieved that there is such a place, which completes the one parent duties in the most proficient and friendly way possible. Thank you
We needed to find a new place for our 3 year old son to go to as we were unhappy with his current school at the time. I looked into High Acheievers and it was the best decision! They are so one on one with the kids and really listen to what they need. An example is my son has been potty trained for over a month to where he is no longer in pull-ups, even at night, but he kept having accidents at the previous location. He has only been at High Achievers for a week and a half and he is already accident free at school!!! The thing that really spoke to me was when I pick him up they talk about his day with me and they just listen to him. The structure they offer is exactly what we are looking for and my son LOVES the play ground! I also like that he has to bring lunch to school. Some people may not like that and feel like it should be given but I now know what my son eats and how much he eats, plus he helps me pack it every night. I will highly reccommend this school and I can't wait to watch my son grow and thrive here!
Jennifer J.
I want to express my deepest thanks to you and your staff. Tim, Chelsea, Madison and Gina have been especially wonderful with our son. When we first enrolled him, we were a bit concerned about how he would handle attending preschool and then, later, kindergarten. Now, we expect him to succeed and even excel in school and we attribute all of that to High Achievers. During his kindergarten registration, he impressed the teachers with his ability to count and the number of words he knew in Spanish. We are so proud of him and how far he has come, but we also know that your expertise and guidance is what pushed him to do well. We knew our son's time with High Achievers would be short when we enrolled him. Now that the time has come, we are excited for him to move on to the next chapter of childhood, but it will be bittersweet leaving High Achievers. We wish you nothing but the best and will forever hold a special place in our hearts for High Achievers Preschool.
Ryan & Katie Flora
My son has been attending High Achievers Preschool since August of 2013. He just turned 4 2 days ago and he can spell his name, count to 40 and has great time! They are the perfect place for studies and fun! All of the teachers are amazing, fun and excited everyday to be there! So proud of the young man he is flourishing into thanks to the High Achievers Staff :)
Jessica Kelly
My daughter has been at High Achievers for a year now. We are so impressed with all that she has learned: writing upper and lowercase letters, writing her first and last name, counting to 100, days of the month/months of the year, the Pledge of Allegiance, colors, shapes, and the list goes on. She just turned 4 and moved to a different class where she is already coming home with sight words and counting in Spanish. Teachers provide a detailed schedule of the day, and also the activities they will be doing each day of the week. She starts Kindergarten in a year, but we feel that she is already well on her way to being prepared. The facility is always so clean. She comes home excited to tell us about the things she is learning and she loves the staff. They provide such a wondering, caring environment. And.. the playground is awesome! We whole heartedly would recommend High Achievers.
Testimonial - I would highly recommend High Achievers Preschool to anyone for several reasons. First of all, is the loving and caring atmosphere. When I first came to visit this preschool (they didn't even mind me coming the same day as I called to inquire) I saw children hugging teachers and being happy there. You can't stage that :) My second reason why I love this place is the facility itself and their playground - worth coming and seeing it in person for anyone still thinking of visiting. Last but not least is the education they provide to children. Only after I placed my son there could I enjoy all the works he was bringing home. Teachers provide a plan at the beginning of the week and it is always surprising how well prepared and organized they are. I enjoy my son growing with them and learning everyday! He sings songs that they learn at school and really enjoys going to school. And another interesting fact was after my son's first day of school I asked him what was the name of his teacher and his answer was -- "grandpa"! I knew he was in the right hands :)) (my son, aged 3)
Author - Tatyana Crum
My daughter has been attending High Achievers Preschool for about six months, and in that time she's learned and grown an amazing amount! The teachers are excellent, as is Dee, the director, and they're more than willing to work with your child's individual challenges! At 4, she can already count to 100, write her name, and even other words if you spell them for her. I highly recommend High Achievers.
Our daughter Taylor went to High Achievers from 3 years old until recently only because she started kindergarten. Our experience with High Achievers was great, our daughter has come such a long way socially as well as being prepared to go into kindergarten. We recommend High Achievers for your child.
I have nothing but great things to say about High Achievers. The teachers and staff are so wonderful - they really treat your children the way you would treat them. My son loves each of them and has funny/sweet stories to tell me every day. In addition, he has learned an amazing amount since starting there. When he started, he had just turned 4 and didn't even know all of his letters. By the end of the year, not only did he know all of his letters in both upper and lower case, he was starting to read sight words. He also learned to count to over 100 in English and over 40 in Spanish. He loves going to school every day and coming home to show us what new things he has learned. My son doesn't start kindergarten for another year because he misses the cutoff. But I have no doubt that he would be completely ready today thanks to Dee and her staff. I am so happy that I found them! I look forward to seeing what new and amazing things my son is going to do this year!
Jennifer Feiner
A little over two years ago it became apparent that my son was not prepared to enter kindergarten. He was immediately enrolled in Dee's Little Darlins for a crash course to start his education. The resullts were nothing short of amazing. He is now ready for second grade and thriving. Under separate circumstances my second son was enrolled in High Achievers Preschool a little over two months ago. Although he was totally unprepared to join his age group, close personal attention by an enthusiastic staff, he has since joined his age group and is well on his way to having a very strong foundation for his future academic needs and goals. We owe it all to Dee and her outstanding group of dedicated teachers. I cannot thank the staff enough, they made a world of difference. Tom Brennan
Tom Brennan
We switched our children to High Achievers to prep my daughter for Kindergarten. We've been amazed at how much she has grown and learned this year. I feel she is more than prepared for Kindergarten this fall. Our youngest has really learned a lot in his short time there and we look forward to his continued growth at High Achievers.
Pamela Crowe
My four and a half year old son has been with Dee and Tim since he was one and a half. He has always been exciting and never clingy about being dropped off at preschool and many times I have to wait for him to finish playing to take him home. He loves all the staff and talks about them and the fun things they do all day. He can easily count, recognize numbers and letters and words, spell and write – all thanks to the wonderful teaching staff. Along w/the basics he has also learning Spanish. The facility has a home-like setting and is clean and tidy. My son gets to learn and play all day w/his friends. Dee and Tim have been doing this for many years and have a great understanding of the kids and all their various needs and how each one functions differently, etc… We will be very sad next year when we graduate to elementary school, but grateful to the teachers and staff at High Achievers Preschool for loving and caring for our child.
John & Tammy Crane
My husband and I feel so blessed to have found quality childcare for our three year old son. During my first visit I was blown away by the facility and it's cleanliness, not to mention the incredible playground. Dee and her staff also really focus on children's learning readiness for kindergarten. Since my son started attending, his vocabulary has increased as well as his knowledge of numbers, shapes, colors, and the alphabet. Most importantly, he absolutely enjoys going to preschool and loves to talk about his day during the ride home. He also speaks very highly of his teachers, Mr. Tim & Miss Chelsea, which tells us how important they are to him. I can't express how pleased we are with High Achievers Preschool! It is so comforting to know that my son is in GREAT hands while my husband and I have to work.
Travis & Nikki Calovich
Hi, High Achievers Preschool did the greatest job to take care of my daughter.
My four-year-old daughter has been attending Dee's daycare and preschool for two years, and I cannot say enough good things about our experience. We had tried a couple of other facilities before and were pretty unhappy. We've found Dee's to be the cleanest, most efficiently-operated care provider we've come across. The cost is very affordable and the staff are personable and caring, showing genuine interest and concern in the kids' progress. I feel completely comfortable leaving my daughter there each day, knowing she'll be taken care of and have a good time with her "friends," growing, and learning.
Jenn Taylor
I’m a parent of a 16 month old who has been in a home daycare setting for the last 10 months and have recently switched him to Dee’s Daycare. This has been the BEST experience I have ever had with a daycare provider. I am the mother of 3 children…..two whom are teenagers and then the toddler. I looked at many providers in my years as a parent and have found Dee’s to have the best all around care especially here in Monroe County. It is the most immaculate facility at any time of the day and the love and nurturing that Dee and Tim provide puts a mother’s heart at ease. My child is as clean and happy when I pick him up as when I drop him off. What a wonderful blessing Dee and Tim are to our family.
Kim Capps
I would like to personally highly recommend Dee and the High Achievers. My son Jayce started with Dee at the day care at one year old. This last year I am proud to say he graduated from the High Achievers. The Education and care that he received was excellent! It was so great that I am proud to say he will not be attending Kindergarten this year. He will be skipping Kindergarten and be placed directly in first grade! This was by the recommendation of his principal at his new School. His concern was if we placed him in Kindergarten him not being academically challenged. He said to us "There is many first graders that cannot do what he is doing now". Keep up the good work Dee!
Doug & Marcy Hazen
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